Our Principles

Our Principles

To achieve the life results we all seek and deserve, we need to balance our focus across all aspects of our lives – Healthful Eating, Physical Activity, Mindful Living and Financial Confidence and Security.  When one of these aspects is out of balance within itself or with the others, it may cause us stress and can limit our ability to realize all the benefits of our other actions.  On our path to be LifeActive, we must find our on individual balance to wellbeing.  We are grateful for your interest in this journey to living well.

Healthful Eating

One of LifeActive’s foundational principles is designed to help you focus on clean, healthy eating.  Eating whole foods where you recognize the source, with minimal processing and added ingredients or chemicals, is the first step in fueling your body with nature’s most powerful nutrients.

It doesn’t matter what food values you follow: general omnivore, vegetarian or vegan, Paleo, Keto or Whole 30 and the like – we’re here to support you!

Physical Activity

Moving your body and being physically active is different for everybody – it is unique to you.  How, when and what you do to build your fitness level is determined by your own desires and goals, but the important thing is to start moving your body often and consistently. 

LifeActive believes that physical activity is not only good for you but can be an enjoyable way to build your own confidence, interact and socialize with others, and help you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

Mindful Living

When you are Being LifeActive, you are present in the now and aware of your thoughts and feelings when making decisions about everyday things, like food cravings and whether or not you should take the stairs.  Just remember, mindfulness is a practice, not an event.  It is not about perfection; it is about the journey.

Financial Confidence & Security

Managing the money you have, along with your attitude and relationship with money, has a huge impact on overall health, wellness and wellbeing.  We help you focus on thinking about budgets and finances, managing savings and investments, providing for the future, protecting assets and your family from a legal perspective, and more. What you need is personal to you, your family and your lifestyle, so being mindful about financial matters can help you create freedom of choice in your own journey.