Our Team

Our Team


Tommy Thomasson

Through my own personal journey I have learned the impact of healthy foods, fitness, community and financial planning on the overall quality of my life, and on the lives of my family and friends.

For much of my career I led a successful, innovative company which significantly changed the way employees and companies were able to plan and manage for their retirement goals. Since selling that company, I started LifeActive to help others improve their lives and the lives of those around them. Read more of my story…

Lori Brown

We have always had a garden and eaten our vegetables, but when my husband’s “end of longevity” genes were near, my LifeActive journey truly began. I learned as much as possible about eliminating Cardiac Heart Disease with food.

Much of my work life has focused on Technical Processes and Project Management–the job of “making it work!” So I “made it work” in the financial services industry, building a technology company and eventually retiring to a pursuit of food education, graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Health Coach in March 2021. I hope you join me and refine your life to be LifeActive. Read more of my story…

Zena Brand

My mother had an interest in wellness, organic food and sustainability well ahead of her time. She instilled in me an awareness of clean healthy eating and our responsibility to be thoughtful about our impact on the environment.

I’ve focused my career on building online and web products that people love to use. I’m excited to join LifeActive where I am combining my commitments to clean eating and sustainability with defining engaging solutions to help others improve their overall wellness and wellbeing.

Rich Tinervin

My career has been focused on helping companies and people perform their best. I know the impact that healthy habits, fitness, community involvement and financial wellbeing have in driving success for people, communities and organizations.

Over the course of my career I led and advised a number of large organizations who created new solutions and approaches to improving people’s overall quality of life. I am excited to advise LifeActive and support its impact on helping people lead better lives. Read more of my story…