Our Story

Our Story

From the beginning, our focus has been on promoting awareness and progress, not judgement or perfection. Improving one’s wellbeing is not about fad diets or counting calories; it’s about making better food choices…consistently.  It’s not about winning marathons; it’s about getting moving on a daily basis.

It’s not about doing what you’ve always done, but about being mindful of the choices you make every day.  It’s not just about spending, it’s about managing the financial resources you have to fit your needs.  

Just with any goal you try to achieve, striving to live a healthier life is built one step at a time.  Being motivated to learn, can lead to making decisions and taking actions that improve the wellbeing of you and your family.  All of which is rewarding and fun to do!

How we started

When our founder, Tommy Thomasson, began his journey towards wellbeing and wellness in 2017, he was frustrated by overwhelming and inconsistent information about health on the Internet and elsewhere. Everyone has an opinion and a marketing pitch that promises to make you healthier.  Quick fix products for diet, exercise or financial windfalls are rampant and they promise to be the solution for whatever you want to achieve. While some may work in the short-term, most of these solutions don’t address the fundamentals of living well. Finding what works for you, and then consistently integrating as part of your life is key to choosing long-lasting and successful changes.  As Tommy realized he needed to make that choice and take responsibility for his own wellbeing and path to wellness, the concept of LifeActive came to be.

Tommy then sought out solutions from the medical community, nutritional experts, fitness coaches and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  In doing so Tommy recognized there were four core principles of what would become LifeActive: healthy eating, physical activity, mindful living, and financial confidence and security.   Using this work, he envisioned LifeActive as a resource to provide straight-forward tools, services and information to help others take small steps and make practical choices towards a healthy, responsive, and sustainable life.

Being LifeActive

LifeActive is founded on the understanding that we need to find balance across the four interrelated principles of our lives, which are the building blocks to living a vibrant life:

  1. Healthy eating:  Food fuels your body’s engine.  Finding the right fuel for you is the foundation for healthful, energetic living.
  2. Physical activity: Movement drives the body to a healthier state and is key to balance of the body and mind.
  3. Mindful living: Enables us to live with gratitude, deliberateness and awareness in our daily life choices.
  4. Financial confidence and security:  Having confidence and feeling secure in money matters is a foundation for freedom in life’s choices, reduces stress, and interconnects with the other aspects of our wellbeing.

Why LifeActive?

LifeActive is the resource designed to bring together the information, tools, and services to help you realize your personal goals for your own wellbeing.  You can use LifeActive at any time in your day; finding inspiration, getting new ideas, connecting with others, and building your own plan that works for you.  No judgement, tracking or formulas – simply encouragement and engagement to help you reach your wellness and wellbeing goals.

  1. Roughly 70% of the diseases in the U.S. are chronic and lifestyle driven, with nearly half of the population having one or more health conditions.  Simple lifestyle changes can make an immediate and positive difference, such as helping you find your way to better eating that meets your individual, personalized needs.
  2. There’s a ton of wellness information online, but it’s hard to find what works for you across exercise, nutrition, mindfulness and financial wellbeing from a single source. 
  3. Employers want to help their employees and their families get the most from their healthcare.  By offering LifeActive as a 24/7 resource, employees are empowered to engage in and influence their own wellness and wellbeing.
  4. Research indicates that financial health directly impacts overall health and wellness. Truly, “It physically hurts to be economically insecure.”  We use what we’ve learned over years in financial services to create the understanding, tools, and services for members to incorporate financial confidence and security into their own journeys.

We hope you enjoy your experience with us and our community. iFind your path.  Live well.  Be LifeActive!